Logo BFC 1909The Futuro Rossoblu Association was created during the proceedings that prevented Bologna FC 1909 Spa from declaring bankruptcy in December 2010.
Over 4000 members have joined by paying a subscription fee, thereby helping their favorite team in its reconstruction efforts.
Maurizio Cevenini, the inspiration behind this initiative, has led the Association until May 5.
Manuel Gulmanelli President from May 5 2012 to June 18 2016.
Denis Rizzi President from June 18 2016 to february 2 2019
Luca Melega President from february 2 2019 to december 9 2021


Mirco Montebugnoli – President

Wilson Sala –  (vice President)
Alberto Conti – board member
Giuseppe Capuano – board member
Giorgio Moretti – board member

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