New Board of directors

by frb-editor 10 December 2021

 On 9/12/2021, at the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium, the Futuro Rossoblu had their annual members’ meeting.

Within agenda, the voting for the new board and the discussion of 2021 financial result.

The participants would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chief Executive Officer of Bologna Calcio 1909, Dr. Claudio Fenucci, for his participation and the CFO of the Association, Dr. Piero Cavallotti, for presenting the income statement for the financial year 2020.

The voting for the election of the new board of directors of the Association and the new positions within it was then proceeded, which gave the following result:

Members of the Board of Directors:

– Giuseppe Capuano

– Alberto Conti

– Mirco Montebugnoli

– Giorgio Moretti

– Wilson Sala

The office of President will be held by Mirco Montebugnoli and that of Vice President by Wilson Sala.

We hereby thank the outgoing President Luca Melega, the outgoing Vice President Giovanni Lolli, and his board of directors, Tiziano Triberti, Luca Piana, and Denis Rizzi.

A special thanks after six years on the board for  Luca Piana and Denis Rizzi, who also held the position of President.

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